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With this form you can order the selected knot-pattern(s) for the cost of $1.00 each.
(Two knot-patterns can be reviewed under "Advanced".)

After sending the order you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail. If you don't receive any you either haven't written your e-mail address correctly, the acknowledgement went into your spam folder or there is some other e-mail problem.

After receiving the money through PayPal (see button below, my e-mail: Freundbaender@aol.com),
I will immediately (within 24 hours at the most) send the knot-pattern(s) as PDF-file(s) compressed with WinZip to your e-mail address.

The bracelets themselves cannot be ordered.

Thank you and have fun making the bracelets!

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Please click "Send order" first and afterwards "PayPal", otherwise I will get money but no order.
If you pay for someone else, please write some reference (name or e-mail) to this person in your payment.

There is no invoice within PayPal, you just type the amount at "Unit Price".

If this PayPal button isn't working for you, just go to this PayPal link and send the certain amount to my e-mail address: Freundbaender@aol.com

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